Dame Margaret Beckett

Margaret-Beckett_1395991cEach year we mark Holocaust Memorial Day and remember those who have died as a result of the holocaust or subsequent genocides. Each year we say ‘never again’, however simply saying ‘never again’ has not and does not prevent atrocities. The poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller “First They Came” speaks to the importance of not standing by. This is why it is important to take on board the theme of 2016’s Holocaust Memorial Day: “Don’t Stand By”. 

 This Holocaust Memorial Day the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust challenges us to consider whether we; individually, nationally, and internationally; through our governments and through NGOs’ are doing enough to prevent and combat genocide. It also encourages us to make a difference in our own community and to make sure that we are not ‘standing by’ and leaving prejudice and discrimination unchallenged when we see it.

 As Parliament is sitting on January 27th I will be in Westminster, however I encourage those who are in Derby to attend the events taking place and also to strive to make a difference by taking on board the theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day and “Don’t Stand By.”