Kathy’s story

kathy (1)I have been involved with Holocaust Memorial Day working group since 2001, when I was working at Metro Cinema in Derby and we were invited to host a commemorative event and some film screenings of Into The Arms of Strangers for young people. We have continued to do this every year since, and subsequently at QUAD, which Metro became part of.

I feel privileged that I am able to work with the HMD Derby team including the diverse community groups that contribute to the programme. It is also a privilege to put my name to the commemorative final event that is, year after year, both incredibly powerful and moving and additionally a celebration of this rich array of communities we have in this city. Long may we celebrate our cultural differences.

Although I have no personal or historical connection to any of the specific groups who take part in HMD, or those who have historically suffered the genocide and atrocities that we highlight through our programme of events, I feel personally this is one of the most important things to which I make a contribution throughout the year. As a parent I feel it is important to teach young people tolerance and acceptance of others, and that persecution of any group, in any era, is never permissible. HMD is not just about looking at the past but about highlighting atrocities of the present day and working to prevent these things from happening again.

I am incredibly proud to have, been and to continue to be, involved in HMD Derby.