Ferid’s Story – Bosnian Community

Ferid Kevric
In 2001 I was invited to join the working group to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

Firstly, I did not realize what was going on until the first meeting, but bearing in mind the victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina it was clear that we are about to start something great and very educational for the generations to come. As time passing naturally we are forgetting.  So many victims of the genocide would have been forgotten over the time. The HMD is a great opportunity for me and Bosnia Herzegovina Community  to remember all victims of genocide throughout of history, victims of genocide in Balkan during the WWII and particularly victims of the Bosnian War 1992-1995.

This is also opportunity once every year to warn that genocide can happen in every place, in every society and the victims of genocide could be all vulnerable at that time minorities. The HMD is a pillar of defending what the perpetrators of genocide want to forget. The HMD is  warning constantly and anticipating  to stop the evil to grow up  because if you don’t do it now you cannot control it later.

For our Association and from our participation during the past 15 years, the HMD is a guarantee that the Bosnian Muslim victims and victims of Srebrenica will not be forgotten. The generation over here and around the world should learn how an nasty ideology could easily grow and spread hatred towards different people and religion and commit crime of genocide.