Judy’s Story – Jewish community

My parents were Holocaust refugees, and my grandparents died in the Holocaust. The longer I live, the more aware I become of not only the indescribable suffering at the time, but also of the wide repercussions of such trauma, and how far succeeding generations continue to be affected.

Many of the second generation, such as myself, feel impelled to do what they can to heal the wounds of the past, and to prevent further horrors taking place. In my work as a psychotherapist I have a particular interest on second generation issues; and I have recently started working as a psychotherapist with Freedom from Torture. I particularly appreciate the Derby HMD group for its diversity, reflecting the rich mix of nationalities and cultures based in and around Derby.

Last year I had the honour of lighting one of the candles designed by Anish Kapoor, in memory of my grandmother, who died in Auschwitz. Two years ago, I gave an account of my father’s journey to Australia after he was interned by the British as an ‘enemy alien’. I also have an active input into the Yiddish and Klezmer music that plays such a significant part in the annual HMD commemoration at the Quad.